Sustainability Report

Our Values

We believe in social and environmental sustainability in our sourcing practices. We provide safe working conditions for all people we employ. We strive to provide the best sustainable and recycled materials, resource efficiencies, and transparent supplier relationships


We are committed to offering sustainable materials including recycled polyester, BCI cotton, sustainable viscose, and water based polyurethane fabrics

100% of our cotton used business-wide is BCI sourced. BCI ensures that the cotton we receive is sustainably farmed and ethically refined.

We supply all of our viscose jersey or knits from sustainable viscose using Livaeco from Birla. This allows for full traceability through the supply chain.


Our wash facilities in Sri Lanka recycle 60% of water used. Any water that cannot be recycled is responsibly disposed of.

Our wash facilities in Ethiopia use ZDLC Laser technology. Sustainable and efficient, the laser method guarantees significant water, energy, and chemical savings. It also eliminates processes that may be harmful to our workers’ health.

Our Global Community

We strive to ensure we make a positive contribution to our communities and planet, in every location we operate.

We believe that “Enhancing lives by what we give, is as important as making a living by what we get”. This has been the philosophy and the mantra behind our thinking and is reflected in the myriad of activities that we have engaged in to help develop thriving communities.

• Construction and donation of houses to the needy

• Beach cleaning initiatives

• Tree planting initiatives

• Empowering future generations through educational initiatives

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